CONC Thammasat offers clients diverse range of business consultancy, implementation services and training initiatives with practical tactics. We have practiced and demonstrate new collaborative techniques to diagnose clients’ companies in 360 degrees that have accelerated the clients’ performances.

CONC Thammasat integrates of 2 expertise units:

  1. Consulting Unit formerly called Thammasat Business Consulting Center (TBCC), founded in 2004 on an underlying objective to help clients understand the evaluation of dynamic market, strengthen organizational capabilities, and gain a competitive advantage in ever-changing business environments. TBCC provides wide ranges of business consultancy services from strategic formulation to business process improvement, from case method learning to people development. Our clients come from both government and private sectors. TBCC has been granted Thai Consultant License no. 2489 from Ministry of Finance.
  2. Training Unit formerly called Continuing Education Program for Business (CEP)founded in 1970. CEP was the initiative of Mini MBA program in Thailand. CEP offers customized and public courses for every perspective of business acumen, i.e. Mini MBA, Marketing, Finance for non- Finance, Real Estate, Business Simulation Game, with practical approach and measurable technique.  

Under the corporate philosophy of CONC Thammasat, we believe success comes from in-depth business understanding. Our experts have diverse professional backgrounds in which all knowledge can be well integrated and effectively implemented for long term business success. We also value mutual transfer of knowledge between CONC Thammasat and our clients to fine-tune their vision and sharpen their skills



Since the name "CONC Thammasat" implies to intensive academic service with applicable approach, we have 3 major missions to transfer and exchange knowledge to clients  

  1. Consulting Service: We drive business results from individual enterprise projects to corporate engagements with strategic insight. CONC Thammasat provides collaborative works by our cross-functional team of experts to turn strategies into tactics. Our analysts, planners and practitioners are ready to help business leaders and policy makers to overwhelm corporate crisis and improve business competency.
  2. Networking: We catalyze Business Network among our clients and encourage lifelong learning through following activities:
    • CONC Thammasat ForumMonthly Business Seminar for free. We aim to refresh knowledge among our clients alumni course-takers and people interested by sharing experience with real practitioners from business sectors.
    • Lifelong Learning:A Special Privilege for CONC Course Takers. We offers one-time free class observation for 3 hours. This privilege is reserved for CONC Course-takers as our alumni members. Moreover, modern business issues, interesting activities, seminars, CONC Circle Summit which enrich business acumen and network, will be reached our CONC Alumni by Facebook, E-mail and Newsletters as to encourage unceasingly learning.
  3. Coaching: Integration of training methods from class practice to project-based learning, from Business Simulation to Consulting One-to-One that surpasses traditional lecturing but also engages the learner and lets them become closely involved throughout the coaching process. The coaching process utilizes a combination of various activities to help develop the learner’s skills, such as business simulation games, writing and presenting business plans, case study and many workshop platforms. We constantly improve and develop our curriculum by incorporating new business concepts. Our experts have outstanding backgrounds in training, coaching and consulting for leading organizations in different industries. Our experts are comprised of both academics and prominent leaders in the business sector.


Sharpen You.


Our primary mission is to be the one-stop service for consulting and training. We work collaboratively with clients to make a difference and create a positive impact on clients’ business value. A combination of academic knowledge and professional experience of our consulting team lends itself a solid ground to delivering research-based, knowledge-driven business solutions to senior management’s problems, which are uniquely practical. With our strong commitment, we work collaboratively with clients to enabling our clients to be on the edge of competition